Art Habens 藝術雜誌特刊訪問

Thanks to Art Habens Art Review's interview. And I was featured on this issue's cover and from page 4-29

"Exteriors" Group Exhibition at Art Share LA

"Exteriors" Group Exhibition at Art Share LA
Exhibiting 5/24 – 6/11 2017
Opening Night: 5/27, 7-10PM
801 E. 4TH PLACE, LOS ANGELES, CA 90013 • PHONE: 213.687.4278 

Where contemporary art frequently examines the personal, private inner lives of artists and subjects, or uses the landscape as a metaphor for psychological and emotional experience — these artists evoke and infuse that living, soulful level of existence into the edifices and architecture of the built environment.

Richard S. Chow
Jonathan Ducrest
Kathi Flood
January Garabedian
Danielle Karagannis
Diana Kohne
Rick Mendoza
Caley O’Dwyer
Robert Rosenblum
Tatiana Savchenko
Charlene Shih
Nancy R. Wise

In flawed abundance Group exhibition

In flawed abundance Group exhibition
April 7th -May 6th 2017 New Art Center 
Newton Massachusetts
The International Encaustic Artists (IEA) and the New Art Center in Newton (NAC) join together to present "In Flawed Abundance." Juried by Miles Conrad of Conrad Wilde Gallery and organized by IEA Exhibitions Co-Chair Lola Baltzell, this exhibition explores the riddle of living, the struggle to be content with the moment, with what is. Rather than wishing things were different -- not wanting what we have, wanting what we don't have, Mr. Nepo points to the deep truth that everything we need is right before us. Encaustic painting lends itself perfectly to this concept of here and now. There is an immediacy to encaustic which suits an intuitive style of working and its inherent translucent characteristics readily express a wide range of subject matter.

曖昧的存在 聯展

曖昧的存在 聯展
是策展人蔡家榛和柏林 台拉維夫的獨立策展人共同合作的錄像計畫,總共63件錄像作品,將以影像圖書館的方式在柏林、台拉維夫、台北巡回展出,三地也都將舉辦電影播放計劃。

2224 藝術空間

2224 藝術空間
In February 2011, we stayed in the Cite des Arts in Paris, France for a six month artist residency. Our studio number in Paris was Studio 2224. There, we met artists in different fields, from all over the world. In addition to focusing on creating our own work, we were inspired by each other’s music, films and performances. We socialized, talked about life, and even collaborated.

After we came back from Paris in July 2011, I started to look for a space will continue that spirit we had in Paris, so we started an artist run space just called studio 2224,
and we hope Studio 2224 Taipei will continue that spirit of spontaneous collaboration, and we hope you will join us!

Studio2224 was currently closed down in Taipei.
It was a great project, and we really had a great few years running it :)

« Le Choix de Paris » group exhibition

« Le Choix de Paris » group exhibition
Ovidiu Anton, Guillaume Aubry, Alexandra Baumgartner, Catrin Bolt, Åsil Bøthun, Eva Chytilek, Audrey Cottin, Jakob Emdal, Eva Engelbert, Ann Guillaume, Akiko Hoshina, Franz Kapfer, Maryse Larivière, Sissa Micheli, Takao Minami, Judith Pichlmüller, Vanessa Safavi, Marie-Alice Schultz, Charlene Shih, Pier Stockholm, Özlem Sulak, Shingo Yoshida, Anna-Sabina Zürrer

Curator: Elsy Lahner

Opening: Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 6 - 9pm
Exhibition duration: November 10 - 26, 2011Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 2 - 7pm, closed on Sundays

Cité internationale des Arts
Exhibition Space
18 rue de l'Hôtel de Ville
75004 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 78 71 72
Métro: Pont Marie, Saint-Paul

Paris, through the ages, has always attracted artists and intellectuals from around the world. Each year, the "Cité Internationale des Arts" offers a variety of international artists the opportunity to work in Paris, getting to know the city, its inhabitants and the local art scene.
What were the expectations, ideas and conceivabilities in taking up this scholarship? In which ways are artists influenced by this place rich in tradition and history? What kind of production conditions and new opportunities are they facing?

The exhibition "Le Choix de Paris" brings together the work of Cité-scholars from various fields of visual arts. It shows works in which artists - from different countries with a different cultural background – deal with their stay in Paris, responding to the city, its everday life, referring to current happenings, to events of the day, and to their own experiences.

晷跡- 聯展 /六月21-24日.2011

晷跡- 聯展 /六月21-24日.2011
那是人體的時間 "40”
那是印刷機器的時間 「兩個FF 的混聲對話」The remixed dialogue of two “FF” type face”
那還是 「光景二The Light Pass The Time」

Open Studio at Cite des Arts

Open Studio at Cite des Arts
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